The Selectis Serenity Elite low air loss, alternating pressure mattress system provides unmatched support, and helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Its many features have made it a #1 choice amongst users and caregivers alike.

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  • Cell on Cell design ensures that mattress remains inflated
  • Quick release tubing with transport connector
  • Quilted 2 way stretch fluid resistant, vapor permeable cover provides extra comfort
  • Heavy duty bottom cover with rubber panels prevents mattress from sliding and abrasions
  • Max firm option provides quick inflate and keeps cells fully inflated for extra firmness
  • 4 cycle time settings provides choice of therapy
  • Static mode for easy resident transfer
  • Seat inflate option for extra comfort while in a sitting position
  • Digital adjustable setting allows for customized pressure by resident weight
  • 3 Visual & Audio alarms indicate low pressure, alternate or power failure
  • Raised air bolster option provides an added degree of safety by preventing resident from falling
  • Models 61059AB, 61459AB, and 61759AB are equipped with a deflation valve to effortlessly deflate air bolsters as needed
  • HCPCS Code E0277
Item Size Weight Capacity Raised Air Bolster Warranty
61059 36″x80″x8″ 450 lbs No 2 Year
61059AB 36″x80″x8″ 450 lbs Yes 2 Year
61759 36″x76″x8″ 450 lbs No 2 Year
61759AB 36″x76″x8″ 450 lbs Yes 2 Year
61459 36″x84″x8″ 450 lbs No 2 Year
61459AB 36″x84″x8″ 450 lbs Yes 2 Year

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