The Selectis hoverheel combines an aggressive design with hi-performance fabrics to eliminate pressure and friction to the skin. Designed for comfort and sustainability, the hoverheel will provide the highest level of relief throughout the healing process.

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  • Extended and cushioned design floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure and allows air circulation to assist in healing
  • The adaptable strap allows Hoverheel to be secured at two alternate positions. Lower position controls dorsiflexion
  • Anti-microbial fabric prevents bacterial growth
  • Soft velvet-like cloth protects skin from friction and shear
  • Foam cushioned sides protect lateral and medial malleoli
  • Removable gel insert lowers pressure beneath the ankle and keeps foot cool
Item Size Warranty
82150 Small 1 Year Non-Prorated
82160 Medium 1 Year Non-Prorated
82170 Large 1 Year Non-Prorated

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