Med-Surgical Shoe

This Post-Op shoe is our most versatile shoe, strategically designed to reduce pressure from the user’s foot. This will provide the injured foot with the optimal conditions for a quick and painless recovery. Whether after surgery, trauma, or when ulcerations are present, this Post-Op shoe will ensure your foot is safe, comfortable, and protected throughout the healing process.

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  • Reduces pressure on the foot
  • Square toe design acts as a bumper protecting the toes
  • Ankle strap seats the foot comfortably and firmly
  • Outsole designed to provide traction where it’s most needed
Item Size Gender
95111 Small Mens
95112 Medium Mens
95113 Large Mens
95114 X-Large Mens
95121 Small Womens
95122 Medium Womens
95123 Large Womens

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