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Oasis Bed

The Oasis bed offers comfort, quality, and durability, making it the perfect bed for long-term care. With its multifunction operation and ultra-low capabilities, the Oasis provides safety for those at risk of falling while also delivering total user flexibility. Its one-touch central lock and choice of optional rails provide the caregiver with the tools that ensure the user remains safe and secure.

SKU: 52200 Categories: ,
  • Integrated Length Expansion
  • 8 Function Hand Control
  • Auto Contour
  • Mobility At Any Height
  • Central Locking System
  • 2 Caster Guide Lock
  • Retractable Bumper Guard
  • Quick Release Head & Footboards



Item Deck Width Deck Length Height Range Weight Capacity
52200 35″ 80″-88″ 7.8″-30″ 450 lbs


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